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Kirknewton St Gregory tower

How to Download the latest version of the Spirit in Stone Digital RE Resource

We are pleased to say that a revised version of the full resource content is now available. The revisions, although quite minor, enable the resource to be fully compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome. At the time of writing the revised resource now works well with all major browsers.

The entire new version can be easily downloaded free of charge via the link below. Please note that this comes in the form of a zipped file of about 1.7GB. Depending upon your broadband service this may take several minutes to download.

Once downloaded, you may copy the full set of files for use on more than one computer, to share with colleagues, etc.

Step 1: click on this link to Download the revised version of the Spirit in Stone resource

Note: you may see a message warning that Google is unable to scan the file, due to the size of the zip file. The files have been fully tested and believed to be free of security issues. However, your own computer’s security software should be able to offer any protection needed.

Step 2: The files can then be extracted (unpacked) and saved to your own computer or USB memory drive for use. Double-clicking on the zip file should automatically open the default zip program on your computer (if one is installed – if not, see note below). Decide where you wish to save the extracted set of files – we suggest you create a new folder and name it “spirit-in-stone” (or your own memorable title).

Note: If you don't have a zip program, Pea Zip is a good free program, available from www.peazip.org

Step 3: Look for the file named “start.html” – double-click on this and the resource should open and you can begin to explore and use it.

We hope that you enjoy using this resource.

If you require any further advice you may email us at the following address, and we will do our best to respond: spiritinstone2000@gmail.com 

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