The Lindisfarne Gospels

Kirkharle St Wilfrid

The Lindisfarne Gospels is one of the world’s great cultural masterworks, with a uniquely important place in the art and culture of the North East and the Christian heritage of the nation.

This beautiful book represents the pinnacle of achievement of Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian art.  It contains the Gospels of the four Evangelists:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which recount the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and which therefore represent the core of Christian belief.   The book was produced in the late 7th century/early 8th century by the monks of Lindisfarne Priory and was written in honour of St Cuthbert (634-687AD).  

This was the time of the great Northern Saints when men like Cuthbert, Aidan, Wilfrid and Bede were practising their faith in a time still referred to as the Golden Age of Northumbria.  

Discover the enduring influence of these Northern Saints not only at the major pilgrimage sites of Durham, Hartlepool, Hexham, Jarrow and Wearmouth (Sunderland) but also at the many smaller but no lesser historic churches across our region.

The Lindisfarne Gospels is kept in the care of the British Library in London.  But high quality facsimile copies can be enjoyed in the region which saw its birth 1300 years ago.   Discover these copies at Lindisfarne Heritage Centre, Woodhorn Museum and at St Mary and St Cuthbert’s parish church, Chester-le-Street.

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