Church weddings

Bothal Church

Thinking of a church wedding? The churches of England’s North East offer outstanding beauty and heritage, and are steeped in local family and community history. They include some of the most lovely places anywhere in which to get married!

Lots of people marry in their own local church, but some like to get married in a church away from where they normally live because it has special significance through family or other connections.

Nowadays there is more scope to choose a Church of England parish church for a wedding: for example if you can show that one of you lived in the parish for a time, was baptised or prepared for confirmation in the parish or have some qualifying family connection, e.g., parents or grandparents married in the parish. It is worth contacting the Vicar of the church at an early stage to enquire. In many churches it is also possible to get married whatever your beliefs, or whether or not you regularly go to church.

All you need to help plan a Church of England wedding can be found on the web site www.yourchurchwedding.org.  This includes advice on things you need to know if one partner is divorced, or is a non-British national, etc. You can also find contact details for parish churches on the website www.achurchnearyou.com.

For advice on marriage in a Catholic church visit www.catholicweddinghelp.com. For Methodist Church weddings see www.methodist.org.uk/who-we-are/baptisms-weddings-and-funerals/weddings. For other options contact the church in question directly.

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